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Social Media, American celebrity Kylie Jenner overturned
Nothing can be said when and how to become viral in the social media era. Recently a simple egg has emerged as a sensation. This egg has surpassed America's celebrity and famous actress Kylie Jenner. Television superstar Kylie has himself shared a video in which he is seen holding an egg on the road and bursting it. Actually, the whole case...
Netflix's Bird Box Challenge
Recently, Originally Thriller on Netflix, Bird Box Challenge has been released. Fans are quite like it. The movie is based on a special theme. There are many dangerous stunts and scenes in this movie, which people are seeing it repeating. The smallest accidents were also seen due to the video making. Netflix had to issue a warning message to save...
Bob Einstein dies
America's famous comedian and actor Bob Einstein died at the age of 76. His death was reported by Einstein's brother Albert Brooks via Twitter. He tweeted on his official Twitter account- 'Peace to my dear brother Bob Einstein's soul. A great brother, father and husband. Great funny guy Significantly, Einstein was running unhealthy for a long time. https://twitter.com/mattwilstein/status/1080536675254644736 He was born in...