Nicki Minaj accused by Trina's A&R of being a 'Deceiver & Manipulator'

Nicki Minaj accused by Trina’s A&R of being a ‘Deceiver & Manipulator’


Earlier this summer, Nicki Minaj and fellow rapper Trina joined forces on the song “BAPS,” but it doesn’t feel like their squads are pleased with the result. Speaking on Instagram, Trina’s A&R (artists and repertoire) rep Reginald Saunders accused Nicki of deception and manipulation.

“I want to talk about this #BAPS album and VIDEO so badly and it’s getting everything inside of me to stay silent,” Reginald commented in his article. “It’s not the first time this stunt has been pulled by @nickiminaj and I trust it’s cool.

I can’t get over how Lil’s reputation, likes and supporters can be false individuals. I still offered her the advantage of the question when everybody attempted to caution me.

“I can’t wait to see how all this plays out because you can’t prevent the rule of karmas, pity on you,” he explained. “Mostly I’m sorry for the #barbs because they don’t have any idea about the deceiver and their leader’s manipulator.”

People speculate that Trina’s squad might be annoyed by the quantity of thought Nicki has paid to their cooperation with Megan Thee Stallion.