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Celeb Jar works with professional journalists to ensure accuracy in all contents published. To achieve transparency, we present this contributor’s page for contact, partnership, and much more.


Albert BankAlbert Banks
The fast-paced development of industries surprises ordinary individuals, leaving them exposed to misinformation or illiteracy. As a professional journalist, with a degree in strategic communications, I take part in the movement of transparency and free information that enrich individuals. Catch me 24/7 here in Celeb Jar!

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Joan HawkinsJoan Hawkins
As a social servant and a journalist, I maintain a keen eye on essential details that pose either as an advantage or a threat. Through my years in the world of online journalism, views and opinions are often influenced. Therefore, I stay committed to maintaining accurate and honest journalistic views 24/7.

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Russell ButlerRussell Butler
After finishing my degree in mass communications in Cardiff University, I discovered my purpose. The continuous demand for quality services in various sectors, most especially health care and social services, pushed me to participate in enlighting reader’s minds. I thrive in providing necessary journalistic views that pose as a valuable explanation and suggestion.

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Sean StevensSean Stevens
I’ve been in the online publishing business for over ten years. I’m a professional journalist with expertise on social paradoxes and healthcare inconsistency. Aside from working as an online journalist, I work as a business strategist for small-time businesses. I’m a tech enthusiast too. In other words, I enjoy innovations.

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Sergio HansenSergio Hansen
The passion of informing readers about the current state of the country and its neighbors run within me. I enjoy forums and discussions in all forms that add value to the progress and understanding of every headline. I finished my journalism career at the London School of Journalism and since 2010, worked with various publishing companies both online and on paper.

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