About Us

With increasing concern over the Environment and Business losses in online publishing, Celeb Jar was developed to share free information to enable understanding and awareness in these fields. Celeb Jar is a conglomerate of IT Specialists, Professional Journalists, and Entrepreneurs that share one vision of signaling essential information towards aspiring business movers and online publishers. Primarily, the website tackles the latest advancement worldwide. Further, Celeb Jar sees the emerging stories concerning Environmental Issues; from renewable energy to possible global waste concerns.

Celeb Jar enables sharing of views and opinions to initiate a more in-depth understanding. Thus, the website partners with various agencies to ensure our vision makes a mark in the society.

Office Location

16 Guild Rd London SE7 8HW UK
+44 203 9365301

Media Partners

Reuters Quincy.Quan@thomsonreuters.com

Astute Dynamics LLC 7852 Chaco Mesa Loop NW Albuquerque, NM 87114 USA
POC: Joel Sexton

Journalistiko Developers 16th Fairlane Street, Fairview Quezon City Philippines 1118
POC: Jay Castillo