YouTuber Colleen Ballinger Ready For Sing After Join ‘Waitress’

Colleen Ballinger Ready For Sing After Join 'Waitress'

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger join ‘Waitress’ and ready for sing. Colleen Ballinger — aka YouTube sensation “Miranda Sings” — will make her Broadway debut in “Waitress.”

Ballinger, 32, is a classically trained singer who racked up more than 100 million viral video views as her cluelessly untalented alter ego, Miranda Sings.

For Ballinger, who’s a classically trained singer, coming to Broadway has been a lifelong dream. She first began posting videos as Miranda Sings — a woman-child who’s a terrible singer — on YouTube way back in 2008 as a joke for her theater friends.

She tweeted the “Waitress” news Friday, saying in a video, “You don’t understand how exciting this is for me… This has literally been my dream since I could speak.”

“’Waitress’ is an incredible musical,” she added. “It is definitely my favorite musical on Broadway right now. It has been my favorite musical on Broadway for a long time. I’ve been obsessed with it since it came out.

I would put on the piece ‘When He Sees Me,’ which is the song sung by the character Dawn, and I love that character, it’s right up my alley. I love the song, I love all the music.”

The current cast of Waitress includes Shoshana Bean as Jenna, Erich Bergen as Dr. Pomatter, Caitlin Houlahan as Dawn, Charity Angel Dawson as Becky, Ben Thompson as Earl, Larry Marshall as Joe, Benny Elledge as Cal, and Noah Galvin as Ogie.

In addition to Broadway’s Brooks Atkinson Theatre, the Sara Bareilles and Jessie Nelson musical is traveling the country in a national tour and opened earlier this year at London’s Adelphi Theatre.