Chrissy Teigen Hit Back Troll Who Criticizes Her Daughter Luna’s Hair

Chrissy Teigen Hit Back Troll Who Criticizes Her Daughter Luna's Hair

Do not come for Chrissy Teigen’s kids.

The author of Cravings: Hungry for More recently posted two adorable videos on Instagram of her and husband John Legend holding a “candy court” session with their three-year-old daughter, Luna. In the clip, Teigen and Luna negotiate over how many pieces of candy Luna should get.

“I now call to order the meeting of the candy,” Teigen says. “First off Luna, I would like you to speak. Tell me about why you deserve the candy?” Luna quickly responds, “I want the candy because I want it and I like it.” The two go back and forth until they agree that Luna can have two pieces of candy.

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we have reached a settlement.

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The moment was undeniably sweet. (Pun intended.) But apparently, one Instagram user felt the need to comment on the little one’s appearance. “Finally someone brushed her hair,” @kmolleda wrote underneath the video.

Teigen didn’t hesitate to defend her little girl. “@kmolleda all by herself! maybe she can come do you makeup,” she responded.

Of course, Teigen’s clap backs on social media are notorious. When she’s not responding to comments on Instagram, she’s replying to people on Twitter. Her strategy? Always making her replies funny, no matter how hurtful or hateful the comments are.

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candy court is in session. part 1/2.

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“I think you can respond [to trolls] if you’re having fun with them and make it more lighthearted,” she told Page Six in May. “I’m much more able to laugh everything off, so I’ve grown a lot, we’ll say, with Twitter and Instagram.”

Based on how what she wrote back to @kmolleda, we’d say that Teigen is definitelya pro at making people laugh with her responses. But she also won’t stand for anyone coming for her family—and we can’t blame her.