An egg spilled over Social Media, American celebrity Kylie Jenner overturned

Social Media, American celebrity Kylie Jenner overturned

Nothing can be said when and how to become viral in the social media era. Recently a simple egg has emerged as a sensation.

This egg has surpassed America’s celebrity and famous actress Kylie Jenner. Television superstar Kylie has himself shared a video in which he is seen holding an egg on the road and bursting it.

Actually, the whole case is that on January 4, an egg photo was shared on the Instagram account world_record_egg, which has received more than 2.7 million views so far.

The special thing is that this account has more than 25 million followers and so far only one egg has been added.

A post has also been shared with the world_record_egg Instagram account, which says, “Come together, create a world record and get the most loved post on Instagram.

We have found this by defeating the current world record (1.8 crore) organized by Kylie Jenner.”

Why compare to Kylie

Let us tell you that 21-year-old Actress Kylie shared her first photo with her newborn baby in February, which made a new record after receiving 1.8 million hits. While there are 12.38 million followers on Kylie Instagram However, now he has lagged behind the egg in this case.

Kylie Jenner answered

Kylie is extremely surprised when she is away from an egg on the Instagram. In this way, Jenner has given a comment on the back of himself by exploding an egg on the road. Kylie has also shared the video of breaking the egg from its official Instagram account. You also see …

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Take that little egg

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Owner of 6300 crores
Only 21-year-old American superstar Kylie Jenner is among the richest celebrities in the world, with assets of more than $ 900 million, or more than Rs 6300 crore.