Netflix Warns People doing Bird Box Challenge

Netflix's Bird Box Challenge

Recently, Originally Thriller on Netflix, Bird Box Challenge has been released. Fans are quite like it. The movie is based on a special theme. There are many dangerous stunts and scenes in this movie, which people are seeing it repeating.

The smallest accidents were also seen due to the video making. Netflix had to issue a warning message to save viewers from such stunts. This movie is directed by Susanne Bier.

After an incident in which an American woman takes risky trips by placing her blindfolds to protect herself and her children from mysterious power. This supernatural power has killed the people of the city.

Actress Sandra Bullock played the lead role in the film. Now people are stunts by strapping their eyes in real life. Mimes, are making videos and giving each other a Bird Box Challenge.

Many videos have become viral on social platforms. To prevent a major accident, Netflix has to warn and tweet.

Netflix wrote, “Please do not harm yourself to this bird-box challenge.” We do not know how it started.

We appreciate your love, but for 2019 there is only one wish that you end up in the hospital due to the memories Do not. “


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